Wine in Formentera Spain

Formentera Wine

Not many would expect that such a small island with such a dry and sometimes very warm climate, would be an excellent place to grow some very tasty and characteristic wine. The island has two main wineries which are based on both ends of the island, one is located in the Mola in the east, and the other in the south-west part of the Cap de Barbaria.

Both canteens produce small amounts of the local grape Monastrell which is a local variety of grape and one of the very few types that can survive the drought during the summer months. The reds are fairly potent and strong in taste, whereas the whites tend to be a lot less so in comparison to other white wines.

Whether you like the taste of it or perhaps prefer something else, you cannot avoid feeling an urge to enjoy the local wine when on Formentera. Most restaurants serve the local wines, and you will also be able to find it in most shopd on the island of Formentera.