restaurants of Formentera

The culinary experience

Formentera is evolving into somewhat of a culinary hotspot of the Balearic islands. With many restaurants trying to improve and better their quality of food and service each year, the overall experience in restaurants might be one of the best when compared to the other island. When renting a villa on the island of Formentera what you would really want is to be able to go out and have dinner each evening without having to go to the same restaurant each night (unless you want to of course). Nowadays there are enough restaurants that offer great quality that the usual two week holiday will not be enough to try them all!

Most restaurant owners on the island thrive for improvement as more restaurants open and the people visiting the island demand higher quality cuisine. We are all extremely thrilled to see the island develop this way and it makes staying on the island of Formentera a lot more comfortable and inviting even for longer stays. Renting a holiday home on FOrmentera has never been as attractive as it has been over the last few years, and will be even more so in the years to come! Decode Formentera can recommend you all the must-visit restaurants and bars on the island, being the number one local luxury villa and lifestyle expert.

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