Wine in Formentera Spain

Dinner at Home with your private chef

Don't want to go out every night, but don't feel like cooking up a meal while you are on your well deserved holiday? We understand! That is why you can reserve your private chef while staying in one of our luxury villas in Formentera. It truly is a great way to enjoy your villa, living and experiencing the real perks of having your private villa as opposed to staying in a hotel or resort.

We have a selection of professional cooks and chefs ready for every meal of the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can either have a chef for each meal every day of your stay, every evening, or on-call whenever you feel like staying in! It would be best to plan this in advance as much as possible as our chefs are very much requested. All it takes is one dinner in your villa and you will be bound to repeat the experience. All chefs come to your luxury villa fully equipped and with the groceries done so you have nothing to think about. They are even able to offer you the best offers on menu depending on the season and what is available on the island. Formentera has some limitations when it comes to the availability of delicatessen, however we have all the necessary contacts in order to get pretty much anything prepared. We highly recommend a home barbeque which goes so well with the feel and spirit of the island. What could possibly be nicer than enjoying your dinner in your luxury villa in Formentera with your loved ones?

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