Formentera Yachts and Boat Rentals

Formentera Yacht Charter and Boat Rentals

When renting your luxury villa with Decode Formentera you gain access to our exclusive portfolio of beautiful yachts and boats that can be rented from the island directly without the need to do so from Ibiza. Our selection of yachts is second to none and only the best quality and most stunning boats make it to our selection. We offer a wide range in terms of shapes and sizes and believe that whether you travel in a group of 8+ people or just the 2 of you, we have the right boat for you!

A very important thing to keep in mind when planning your yacht charter in Formentera is that you do so with a trusted company that has the right connections in order to make sure that your day (or days) out on the waters of Formentera are to be remembered. The logistics can become quite daunting when you are not familiar with the island and the harbour laws however whenever you rent with us we make sure that everything will go smoothly. Apart from offering you the best boats we also make sure that the skipper (should you need one) are professional, helpful and with insiders knowledge on the island and the hidden spots that not many can go to. This is another ectremely important factor when deciding on your yacht provider as the kindness and knowledge of your skipper is vital!

Contact us for your Villa or Yacht Rental information and reservations now not to miss out! It might seem early however many reservations are already coming through as Formentera keeps getting more requested by the day and the offer on yachts and villas are fairly limited on this small yet magnificent Mediterranean island!

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