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Es Caló Beach - Formentera

One of the smaller beaches on the island, Es Caló is formed of three little bays with sandy beaches located about 50 metres from the town of Es Caló. The beaches are fantastic for those looking to stay on one of the more quiet beaches as there are no beach bars on the beach itself. It can get fairly crowded when the breeze comes in from the south as there are not many beaches facing north on the island. Make sure you come early if you decide to hang here throughout the day as parking is very limited in the town and surrounding area.

The bays are divided by rocks. These rocks have mini-puddles which can be great for kids as they a bit like natural baths. Also any waves coming in are usually broken up at the first two bays as there is a sort of a rock wall under waterjust in front of the beach, breaking any waves coming in.

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Formentera map of Llevant beach

If you feel like having a bite without going too far, there are a few restaurants in the town (three to be exact). Can Rafalet and the restaurant called Es Calo are recommended by most, as both have stunning views of the sea whilst offering typical Spanish cuisine at an affordable price.

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