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Foto of Mitjorn beach Formentera by Decode Luxury Villa Experts

Migjorn Beach Formentera

This area is the longest stretch of sand on the island. Covering the southern part of the island it is a lot less crowded when it comes to boat traffic as it is a little further away for people coming over by boat from Ibiza. The beach of Migjorn has several sandy parts seperated by rocky areas. Some parts have large sandy beaches which are great for families with small children, and other parts are more covered by the rocks for people looking for a bit more privacy. Migjorn beach has many restaurants that you can go to, ranging from small beach bars (chiringuitos) to fantastic restaurants with amazing views like 10.7. As you can see from the map below it covers most of the Southern part of the island, with easy access points from several points along the main road. So no traffic jams like you would find on other beaches. If you see there are too many cars parked you can simply move along the coast until you find the perfect spot for you.

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Formentera map of Llevant beach

This beach is very popular amongst people looking for that authentic Formentera feeling. As this part of Formentera is hardly influenced by its bigger sister Ibiza, it has a very laid back vibe. Something which is now seemingly harder to find on Ibiza or Illetes. Migjorn beach has many faces and along the entire southern coast you can literally find anything for everyone just as long as you know where to go and when to go.

Due to the boomerang shape of the island you can usually always find a good spot on a beach that is not facing the direction of the wind. Migjorn during summer sometimes suffers a little from the Eastern summer winds, however the closer you get to the east side of the island on this strip, the better you are usually covered from the wind. The clearer waters and most sandy beaches are also on this eastern side of the Migjorn beach.

Sunsets are also an amazing experience not to miss out on. he many bars, restaurants and chiringuitos have some sort of Sunset ritual.

Along the beach of Migjorn there are several different areas one can visit. Es Arenals beach is the most eastern beach on the Migjorn strip. With a long sandy beach with crystal clear water this is for many a favourite (especially amongst families with children). Thanks to La Mola this part of the beach is usually out of the south-eastern summer breeze and with a few chiringuitos and beach restaurants a great place to hang for the day. 10.5 is reached from the main road (look out for a small rock with the number on it), and is lesser known. When you reach the sea you park the car and walk down the beach towards your right. After apprximately 200 meters you will come to a little sandy bay with a few fisherman's huts. It's quite popular amongst nudists and locals looking to hide away from the busier parts. Going westwards from here you will find a strip of sand at the restaurants Vogamari, Es Codol de Foradat, Blue Bar, Lucky, and Real Playa. All of which are well indicated on the main road going towards Es Calo and El Pilar de la Mola.

Tip: Take a day charter from La Savina to go to Migjorn and stay here for the day. The views are truly spectacular from the boat, it looks as if the water is even clearer. Above all there will be very few boats, even in high season as usually charters coming over from Ibiza do not want to take the extra 30 minutes to go around the island. The only downside is that none of the restaurants have a dingy-service, so make sure your boat has one or swim!

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