Ses Illetes Beach

Rated many times on the list of most beautiful beaches on earth. Illetes Beach on Formentera is a real crowd puller, especially for people coming over by boat from Ibiza to spend the afternoon on these white sandy beaches. Because if its trendy status you will spot a lot of celebrities hanging out on these beaches on their summer holidays, and looking at the crystal clear waters it’s obvious why they would all want to be here!

With some of the most famous restaurants and chiringuitos of Formentera in this area you can have lunch with your feet in the sand while enjoying the most exquisite dishes you can imagine. Illetes is certainly not all glamour as Formentera has its way of making everyone look bohemian and laid back, nothing like its bigger sister Ibiza. The parts in front of the restaurants are usually not the best places to hang if you are looking to enjoy the beach in a somewhat more peaceful ambiance. Walk a bit further down from where the restaurants are and you will truly get to enjoy this amazing peace of earthly heaven. Going all the way up to the most northern part, where the dirt road ends and a restaurant calles Es Ministre is located, is where you will find a large rock. Go over this rock and you will find the narrowest strip of Illetes beach (it’s the one above on the main picture!). Without the human traffic going to restaurants this is where real paradise starts for you peace seeking bohemians!

Another great way to enjoy a day at Illetes is by boat. Don’t worry we can help you charter one should you not have one here already! Renting a boat will give you that luxury of escaping the beaches when they get over-crowded, which usually happens at around midday. Getting into Illetes could also be a bit of a struggle as you have to pass a toll and at that same midday rush-hour you might find there are no more parking spots available and the toll staff will not let you enter. Best to go as early as possible to avoid the queues or perhaps go for a charter and come and go whenever you please…

Ses Illetes Beach



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